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Evolve or die?

Published: Wed, 06/05/19

Hi Sorry for the long radio silence - I've been working hard on RatingScoop, which is the evolution of Trusted Practitioner. We've taken everything…

Hypnotherapists that "people shouldn't go to"

Published: Sat, 02/16/19

A hypnotherapist I respect posted in a Facebook group recently, saying that a competitor in her local area had put up an ad about who people shouldn't…

Fingers on the pulse

Published: Wed, 02/13/19

Back in 2014, we could see a storm brewing on the horizon. And preparing for it has been a driving force in everything we've done since. The storm I'm…


Published: Wed, 02/06/19

A friend of mine just got put into "Facebook Jail" for 24 hours, meaning that his use of the social media site has been restricted. His crime? Liking…

New Year... New Name(!)

Published: Tue, 02/05/19

Today is Chinese New Year, and it's the start of Year of the Pig. So it seems a fitting day to let you know that we've changed our company name from…

And the winner is... 🏆

Published: Fri, 01/11/19

Last Saturday, I asked for a favour, and offered a prize. And the winner is... Claudia Rickard. We're giving her 6 months of free access to our…

Favour to ask... (with prize 🏆)

Published: Sat, 01/05/19

Hope the New Year is treating you well so far, and you're making good progress on your 2019 goals. I mentioned before Christmas that Paul and I want…

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Published: Sat, 12/22/18

Having just spent the last couple of months feverishly working on a major update to our Trusted Practitioner service, we are now officially "clocking…

Don't feed the trolls

Published: Wed, 07/25/18

There was an article in yesterday's Times newspaper, slamming Google for allowing adverts from websites that sell fake reviews.The most interesting…

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