Practitioner search enhancement

Published: Wed, 09/13/17

We are pleased to announce that we've enhanced the Hypnotension practitioner search to include Trusted Practitioner ratings in the search results.

This will help increase public confidence when choosing a practitioner, as well as boosting the profile of practitioners who use our Trusted Practitioner review service.

The GOOD NEWS is that if you want to collect and show reviews on *YOUR* Hypnotension profile - as well as on your website, and Facebook Page - then you still have time to join our Trusted Practitioner service and lock in our founder member rate if you order by THIS SATURDAY.

The BAD NEWS is that, come Sunday, the price will be going up to £29 per month for new members.

(And even then, it's still 5x cheaper than TrustPilot...!)

Thing is... we're not going to send a bunch of reminders like last time...

You'll either jump on this or you won't.

Either way is fine with us.

But as you are one of our Hypnotension Practitioners, and we truly believe that Trusted Practitioner will be immensely useful and valuable to the success of your practice, we feel it's our moral duty to give you this last heads up.

Kind regards,
Rob & Paul

Ps - You know, even with all the emails we sent last month, we *still* had people contact us after the deadline...!

Saturday is the deadline, and there are no more reminders - so act now while it's fresh in your mind: