Housekeeping + QA

Published: Fri, 07/21/17

Had a few people ask questions after the email I sent earlier this week, so I thought I'd do a quick Q&A, as well as a couple of housekeeping announcements.

  1. Mailing list
  2. Hypnotension and TISPH profiles
  3. Trusted Practitioner Q&A

1) Mailing List

We've *finally* consolidated all our customer email lists into one place, which hopefully will mean fewer duplicated emails being received if you are a customer of more than one course or service of ours.

From now on, you should only get transactional emails from our membership systems, and customer/member emails via these new lists.

The consolidation might have scooped up a few people from our membership systems who *thought* they were unsubscribed, so if you really don't want to hear from us ever again, please scroll to the bottom to find the unsubscribe link. No hard feelings :)

Still here? Ok...

2) Hypnotension and TISPH profiles

Graduate members of our TISPH and Hypnotension courses are now able to embed Trusted Practitioner reviews right into their profiles.

As well as giving potential clients some reassurance, this will give your profile a chance to earn "Google Stars" (see below), which will make you more noticeable in the search results.

See these profiles as an example:

You can set this up by editing your practice listing(s) on each site.

3) Trusted Practitioner Q&A

Uschi asks: 

This looks really good! I'm always struggling with asking for testimonials.  Could you please let me know how much this will cost and whether all testimonial will be published anonymously via the website?

Sorry, I realised after I sent my email that I hadn’t put the pricing on the join page... DOH! (it was on the order form on the next page, but not the join page). Now Fixed!

Anyhow, we’re pre-launching it at £10/month to previous customers like you - and you get to keep that pricing for as long as you keep your account active (regardless of how much it goes up for others).

As for display on your website - clients can choose the level of anonymity they want when they review, so if it’s a sensitive issue, the review can be totally anonymous, or they might choose to give a name and picture.

As the practitioner, you’ll always be able to tie reviews back to the the client via our secure dashboard.

Eileen (and a couple of others) asked:

Do we need to go through the vetting process on the Trusted Practitioner homepage?

NO, as you are all customers of ours already, we know you are all bona fide therapists.
So you can join right away using the links below with no vetting.

Penny asked:
This is a great idea and one I'd been hoping would come about at some time. Am I to believe that this will be the equivalent of "Check a trade"?
If so, I was wondering where you were planning on advertising it to the public so they could use it in their searches, as the front page appears as if it's purely for therapists at this moment.
I'm guessing us having the testimonials come up on our website is what will draw their attention to the fact, and was wondering how google will take these?

Yes, we’re looking to expand along those lines in the future, so that practitioners get extra exposure as our brand grows, but that’s "phase 2" :)

Google likes websites with verified reviews, and will (over time) include the review ratings in the search results to help you stand out if you use our Wordpress plugin to display your reviews.

Like this:

Chris asks:

I would be very interested to take part in your new venture. so please tell me more and what I need to do.

We’d love to have you along with us - you can find out more and make sure it’s right for you here:

And if it is, you can register at our founder member rate here:

Ok, that's all for today - have a great weekend!

Kind regards,
Rob & Paul